Adjutant General's
Militia Ball

 About the Militia Ball
It is believed that the practice of a militia ball or dining-in began many years ago in England. The origin was probably not a military function but instead a custom practiced in monasteries and early universities. With the advent of the officers' mess, the British military establishment adopted the custom.

The close association and camaraderie between British and American military forces during World Wars I and II led to the United States Army's adoption of the militia ball or dining-in as an integral part of the regimental mess.

 This year's Militia Ball

The 2018 Adjutant General's Militia Ball will bring you back to the post-WW1 1920s era, with a live Army Air Corp 1920's Era Jazz Band, period dancing, and themed décor. The last Militia Ball was a great success and the venue was a huge hit, so we will be returning to the Ballroom of the Greater Tacoma Convention Center for 2018.

 Food and Seating
When you purchase your tickets you will have three meal choices to select from along with the ability to identify any unique food requirements you may have (like gluten-free).

We will have open seating this year with the exception of a few head tables for each MSC/Wing Commander and General Officers. This will allow you to select your particular table and seat when you purchase your ticket.
Purchase your tickets early to ensure you and your friends/co-workers are able to sit together.

The seating diagram is available when purchasing tickets.

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